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30/07 — 2019
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Get Better At Yanking And Putting In Vim

a couple of nifty tricks to help you copy-paste better:

  1. reselecting previously selected text (i use this to fix botched selections):

    gv  " :h gv for more
        " you can use `o` in visual mode to go to the `Other` end of the selection
        " use a motion to fix the selection
  2. reselecting previously yanked text:

    `[         " marks the beginning of the previously yanked text   :h `[
    `]         " marks the end                                       :h `]
     v         " visual select everything in between
    nnoremap gb `[v`]    " "a quick map to perform the above
  3. pasting and indenting text (in one go):

    ]p   " put (p) and adjust indent to current line
    ]P   " put the text before the cursor (P) and adjust indent to current line

I'm Akshay, I go by nerd or nerdypepper on the internet.

I am a compsci undergrad, Rust programmer and an enthusiastic Vimmer. I write open-source stuff to pass time. I also design fonts: scientifica, curie.

Send me a mail at [email protected] or a message at [email protected]

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